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If you've ever wondered how banks decide their home loan interest rates, Australia's competition watchdog, the ACCC, has outlined the process following an inquiry into the retail deposits market.

Often, a โ€˜trigger eventโ€™, such as a change to the cash rate, leads to an internal review of a bank's interest rate pricing, although the bank may also review its rates based on a schedule, according to the ACCC's report.

Regardless of what causes the review, the ACCC said a very similar decision-making process is used with interest rate decisions for home loans and retail deposit products (such as savings accounts) and that banks pay close attention to their rivalsโ€™ rate decisions.

โ€œBanks, regardless of size, typically consider the interest rates of major banks [i.e. the big four banks] when setting interest rates,โ€ the ACCC said.

โ€œGenerally, the major banks tend to refer to a narrower set of banks in their pricing papers relative to the comparisons undertaken by mid-tier banks and mutuals. For example, the pricing papers of major banks
largely do not refer to the interest rates of mutuals [i.e. smaller, customer-owned banks], or refer to only a
small number of mutuals from time to time.โ€

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