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An inquiry by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics has called for the introduction of โ€˜tracker mortgagesโ€™, whose interest rates would automatically move up or down in line with changes to the cash rate.

โ€œOne of the advantages of tracker mortgages is that they reduce the likelihood of disengaged consumers drifting away from the best available rate,โ€ according to the inquiry's report.

Another advantage is that they would introduce transparency to the way lenders set their interest rates.

The inquiry found โ€œthat people with tracker mortgages are at less risk of paying an interest rate above the best available rate at the time, even if they do not pay attention to the marketโ€.

As the graph shows, owner-occupiers with outstanding variable-rate home loans (the top line) are, on average, charged higher interest rates than people taking out new loans (the bottom line).

The inquiry recommended that the federal government cooperate with the banking sector to run a tracker mortgage pilot program.

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