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Rental vacancy rates are low throughout much of Australia, but three capital city markets have experienced significant shifts over the past year, according to SQM Research.
Between May 2022 and May 2023, vacancy rates fell by 1.0 percentage point in Melbourne, and rose by 1.1 points in Canberra and Hobart.
The vacancy rate refers to the share of rental properties that are vacant. As the vacancy rate falls, tenants have less choice and have to fight harder for properties, which puts upward pressure on rents. Conversely, a rising vacancy rate puts downward pressure on rents.
The market favours tenants when the vacancy rate is above 3%, favours investors when itโ€™s below 2% and is neutral when itโ€™s 2-3%. So, as the chart shows, investors are in control throughout the country, with the exception of Canberra.

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